Our lenses might cost a little more- but they're absolutely worth it.

Here's why:



  • Our lenses are made using state-of-the-art manufacturing systems, using only FDA approved materials and have passed strict requirements including CE and ISO 9001.
  • All color pigments used are non-toxic and free from any side effects.
  • Sterilized for safety at 249°F to ensure they're completely free of any contaminants.
  • Checked at every stage of production to ensure they're 100% defect free.


Your eyes are beyond precious; don't be tempted by cheaper knock-off lenses that might damage your eyes. It's simply not worth it.






  • Patented silicon hydrogel technology delivers superior oxygen permeability and comfort.
  • High water content (45%) keeps eyes from drying out and keeps them feeling fresh.
  • Ultra-thin design (0.06mm) from precision cast molding and lathe cut method prevents damage to the cornea and is remarkably comfortable on the eyes.
  • Color layers are sandwiched to prevent the color substance from coming into contact with the eyes, ensuring safety without any side effects.






We provide some of the most elegant designs and color combinations on the market today. And that's not just our opinion, but the opinion of 98.2% of more than 2000 customers surveyed from around the world. This includes professionals in fashion, cosplay enthusiast and your average individual who simply wants a more attractive appearance.



Try a pair for yourself and we're sure you'll agree; our lenses are second to none.